I long for a time…

Today I woke up fatigued. Not tired from lack of sleep, but fatigued from the times we are living in. Fatigued with everything. Going to the market is fatiguing, people living in a perpetual state of fear and worry from the news of the pandemic,. I’m not looking to get back to normal, normal wasn’tContinue reading “I long for a time…”

Grieving What I Never Had

The other night I was numbing out and turned on a sitcom. There is something about John Goodman that has always felt familiar. My dad has similar features and a similar disposition as Goodman’s characters. While I sat there I felt a great wave of sadness rise, I miss my dad. I have not seenContinue reading “Grieving What I Never Had”

Breath is Life

During this pause, when all activities have been cancelled and life feels like it is crawling, I have found myself breathing deeper. I have started to consciously create time to focus on my breathing. I find myself craving the quiet of meditation when even my brain is in a pause, even if the pause lastsContinue reading “Breath is Life”

Just another day…

This morning, I laid in bed for a few minutes and counted my blessings. We have a roof over our head, food on the table and our family together. I got out of bed, stretched and was determined to be productive today. Right now the days seem to blur together with little routine. The kidsContinue reading “Just another day…”

Earth Day and New Beginnings

Today is Earth Day and a new moon. The new moon speaks to me of a new beginning. Every month we get a chance to begin again. Actually every second of every day we get a change to begin again. The new moon is combined with Earth Day. A day, that was created 50 yearsContinue reading “Earth Day and New Beginnings”

The Right Time

I have struggled with committing to writing, primarily because I don’t really know where to start. Then, globally we came to an abrupt hault. The right time, is right now. The pandemic has us staying home. For some this is ok, for others this may be a frightening time. I come from a toxic home,Continue reading “The Right Time”

The Red Thread

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.”–An ancient Chinese belief Last fall I attended a women’s circle that a friend was hosting. The majority of these women I had never met before and we wereContinue reading “The Red Thread”

A Crack in the Facade

My journey to wholeness began about 19 years ago. I had grown up believing that if I tried hard, worked harder, exuded perfection I would finally be okay, be acceptable. I worked my way into near insanity. I was filled with resentment, my ego raged and I was the queen of judgement. I lived inContinue reading “A Crack in the Facade”