Let Freedom Ring, It’s My Independence Day!

There is a country song with lyrics like those. Ironically, I don’t listen to country music but those lyrics have been in my head for a few days. Tomorrow is July 4th, a full moon and an eclipse. It feels magical to me and with those lyrics dancing in my head it feels like itContinue reading “Let Freedom Ring, It’s My Independence Day!”

Grieving What I Never Had

The other night I was numbing out and turned on a sitcom. There is something about John Goodman that has always felt familiar. My dad has similar features and a similar disposition as Goodman’s characters. While I sat there I felt a great wave of sadness rise, I miss my dad. I have not seenContinue reading “Grieving What I Never Had”

A Crack in the Facade

My journey to wholeness began about 19 years ago. I had grown up believing that if I tried hard, worked harder, exuded perfection I would finally be okay, be acceptable. I worked my way into near insanity. I was filled with resentment, my ego raged and I was the queen of judgement. I lived inContinue reading “A Crack in the Facade”

Jumping in with Both Feet!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is my first post on a new blog, my first blog!! Years ago a dear friend told me I needed to write. I never thought of myself as a writer or even a sharer. I am pretty private, pretty reserved but overtime realized IContinue reading “Jumping in with Both Feet!”