Toolbox: Essential Oils are an Essential Tool

Essential oils were one of the first tools in my toolbox. Twenty years ago when I first started dabbling they were not as easy to find. I was introduced to them by someone who was in an MLM, I signed up. I took a lot of classes, read and stocked up. I have no doubt they work. My family has used them to treat ear infections, strep throat, sinus infections, restless leg and heart burn to name a few. Essential oils help more than physical ailments, they work in the mental, emotional and spiritual realms as well. This is harder to prove though so you have to use your own discernment. Because I have had wonderful experiences with treating physical conditions I fully trust fully work on those other levels and incorporate oils for that purpose into my daily routine. My inventory of oils has grown over the years, I use them in the morning when I get ready for the day and I end with them before I go to bed. Because essential oils are so readily available, and sadly have become more of a money maker than a healing tool, it is that much more important to do your own research. When I joined all those years ago I had a very active up line that held classes and learning events. We learned about so much more than just oils, we learned about healing the body, mind and spirit. It was then that I was really introduced to the idea that food is medicine, what we put into and on our bodies matters! I learned why it is so important to drink water, I was drinking close to a 12 pack of diet cola every day! I haven’t seen that level of education in a long time so now the learning is on the student which means lots of book reading and online research. It is critical to find trusted sources for your information and your oils. I have books specifically about the oil blends from the company I buy from and have also used books by Valarie Ann Worwood, she provides good, solid information.

One of the most significant benefits of incorporating essential oils into my life and health is I began to feel I had some control in my health and well being. I was no longer solely dependent on a doctor. I was learning to pay attention to my health and well being. Through using the oils and investing time into learning I began to wean myself off of pain relievers. I used to pop 1000 mg of acetaminophen each morning, and again in the evening, to cope with the body pain and head aches! This was when I was in my 20’s and my body should have been in it’s prime. I used Valor and Pan Away, along with Lavender, night and day for a couple of years. The pain and headaches subsided. I learned when I felt a headache coming on to start incorporating Peppermint. It is a rarity for me to ever take over the counter medication any more. I much prefer to see if there is an oil I can try first or some other natural remedy. It has taken me years to learn which oils to lean on in certain situations and even some of those have evolved. Peppermint is my go to if I have heart burn and to perk me up, lemon always goes on my dryer balls and lavender is always on hand for soothing the body. When my children were young Immupower and RC were my go to oils for cold season along with Eucalyptus. When we travel I usually freshen the room up with tea tree oil (helps with mold and mildew) and Citrus Fresh to get rid of the chemical cleaner smell. My list goes on and on but hopefully you get the point, there are countless oils for different situations and ailments, it is a great little tool to have for any situation. Do your research, find a reputable supplier for your oils. The quality needs to be high enough that you can ingest it, I don’t recommend this, since you will be applying them to your skin and our skin absorbs it directly into our body. I have learned if you can’t eat it don’t put it on your skin.


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I am on a mission to claim my wholeness, to change the legacy of dysfunction in my family and discover who I really am rather than what I have been told I am. I left the corporate world to live a slower, more simple life. I am a chicken mama, as well as a mama to four amazing humans. I am blessed to be married to someone who has supported me in my journey and been there to hold my hand when it gets crazy. I love to learn, to read, to hear peoples' stories. I love the changing of the seasons, to get lost in the woods, to soak up the sun and the moon light. Each day is a gift and I am striving to live it fully and aware of the many blessings and miracles that show up in my life. Welcome to my Journey to Wholeness, I hope you will find inspiration and share your journey along the way!

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